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Insurance for Defending My Family

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Are you licensed to carry concealed?
Yes, and I do intend on protecting my family
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No, but I do carry within the laws of my state and will protect my family
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No, and I don't carry at all, the police will protect me.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:05 pm    Post subject: Insurance for Defending My Family Reply with quote

Insured Protection Against Personal Lawsuits From Self-Defense
Hello Wildlifers.
We've all wondered whether we should consider legal protection from prosecution if we ever have to use lethal force to protect our families or ourselves.
If you "pack iron", you have already decided to use whatever force is required to protect your family and yourself from attack. The incidents of people having to either defend themselves or suffer death or serious bodily harm are increasing greatly from our historical norm. Lawsuits and criminal charges are often the result of Police defending themselves, as well as is the normal citizen defending his family.
Here is one primer for what to do, or not, "after the fire": Search this string in your browser: \nracarryguard_aftermath_guide.pdf. Or, if you aren't comfortable with searches, just click this link: It's what to say/not say after fire.
Once we get past the fact that we cannot afford the expenses of defending ourselves, and we still intend on defending our families and ourselves, the next step is deciding whether to insure our assets against such a requirement. And which of the several insurance offerings would be the best for the "normal working person" like us.
The firearms insurance issued with your NRA Membership only covers the loss of firearms up to a point. And you have to make sure you "activate" the policy after your membership; it isn't automatic with the membership. That "loss of firearms" insurance is not what we're talking about here: This subject is personal insurance against the costs of defending ourselves in court against aggressive prosecutors or the relatives of the criminal we defended ourselves from.
Carefully read the insurance contract, and what each company would do, and when they would do it. If they move in between you and your aggressor enemy after the case is all over with, IMHO that would not be of much use at all. By that time, months or years later, you'd be living outdoors on the sidewalk from the expenses of defending your actions. So use your ninja-search skills to see if an insurance company will actually do what they say they will.
Some policies use clever advertisements, but when you get to the "bones" of the policy, you are only "reimbursed" when you are "acquitted". Not sure exactly how that works, but it doesn't sound too supportive in a timely manner. The expenses of defending against an aggressive prosecutor or relative of the recently-departed will start as soon as the smoke clears. If you don't have insurance already in force, you might want to have a recognized defense attorney knowledgeable in firearms matters and self-defense. Such as Utah's Mitch Vilos who you can visit at his website URL Or perhaps you have a good defense attorney on your dial-pad that you know you can trust.
A couple of companies only accept members with CC permits, as well as LEO's either active duty or retired. One of those companies' coverage starts as soon as the smoke clears and you dial them. They will likely tell you to "shut up" until they get someone there to help you. Other organizations' policies are somewhere in between with their coverage, so read each one carefully to see exactly what they cover, and when they cover it.
Below is a couple of the companies offering policies for legal gun owners who have to defend themselves against criminal violence.
The NRA recommends several companies. You can find pro-and-con speeches all over the internet about each, so put on your sour-grapes glasses and use your search skills to check the reviews on each one.
One company listing a very good up-front self-defense coverage is
And good luck making a decision that will prove the correct one. If you have any good suggestions or experience on this subject, please feel free to chime in.
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