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The Virginia Polytech Murders, and others

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:46 pm    Post subject: The Virginia Polytech Murders, and others Reply with quote

This is not an easy subject to address. A very sad day indeed.
Foremost consideration in our minds in the aftermath is the absolute unimaginable pain dealt the families and victims of this atrocious attack. Had one of the victims been a member of my family I cannot even start to visualize the depths of sadness, grief and rage I would be feeling.
Second consideration, even before the news was an hour old, was the inexcuseable brass of the ever-present anti-firearm radicals spouting their usual venom against citizen firearms in general, auto-loading firearms in general, magazine capacities in particular, and any other thing they can throw at grieving citizens in their neverending attempt to recruit more radical anti-2nd Ammendment voices in the wake of a murderer's rampage. I can only hope that logic wins at the end of the day.
First of all, we must congratulate Virginia State on it's Firearms Reciprocity Laws. Virginia State has what ("IMHO") appears to be a very good example of 2nd Ammendment Awareness for it's citizens.
However, (and it is difficult to relate this in view of the preceding paragraph cudos), we have to ask if Virginia Legislators, and ultimately the citizens of Virginia who lost loved ones at Virginia Tech, were the innocent victims of radical liberal "educators", much the same flavor as our Utah citizens and Legislature have had to contend with from the hallowed offices at UofU for the past few years. Well, were they?
First of all, Virginia has made it a felony to carry a firearm (in any manner whatsoever, concealed w/permit, or open) at any school, school property or school function. The exception is if you have a CC Permit you can carry as long as you stay in your car.
I have to wonder, if Virginia Tech had not been a "gun free" zone (read that term as "Soft Target") what would have been the chances of the rampaging murderer being able to go from one end of a building (or of the campus, as the case may be) to the other, murdering innocent students, without running into one of the CC students?
I had to wonder the same thing recently if Trolley Square had not traditionally posted their anti-Second Ammendment posters in all the entrance doors perhaps someone besides an off-duty Ogden Officer might have been around to help with initial backup? I, for one, do not patronize busineses that post their "Soft Target; Hit Here" signs. Why do I not patronize them, you ask? Simply because someone else has equally as good products and the 70,000 CC Permitees in Utah do not have to contend with the possibility of offending some property owner who prefers to manage a soft target area.
And if you do not know what I mean by "soft target", you have absolutely no military background, no police training, and you totally ignore the fact that murderers and other terrorists look for easy marks.
This nation is becoming an easy target internally for several reasons, not the least of which is exemplified by the decreasing numbers of licensed hunters even though the population base is exploding.
Well, that's enough for beginners. Feel free to jump in here and give your opinion. If you think I'm full of bs, go ahead and say so. If you agree, or have more to add, do that also.
Public executions and attacks by demented criminals and closet jihadists are not going to get any fewer in this century. Mad

The NRA comments are at this link:
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