The Ambulance Emergency Line, Do You Have An Emergency?

File size for download is 3.2 Meg in .WMA (Windows Media) format. Probably Rated "X" for language, and definitely "XX" by your Bishop, Priest, Preacher, ...

This recording was taken from the City Police Dispatch Tapes (city name, state, deleted to protect the dispatchers) in the fall of 1992. At that time one of my co-worker acquaintances was a city officer and he gave me one of the many copies they had made. At a later time, I heard a totally different "staged" recording with similar content on a Talk-Radio program. However anyone who has been around an active dispatch office would immediately detect the staged one. This recording is authentic, converted in its entirety from cassette tape to digital format by me.

WARNING NOTE: This recording contains language that would probably not be acceptable to most persons of polite disposition. Some parents would scream uncontrollably and stuff handfuls of cotton in the ears of any children present. Be that as it may, it will probably be considered somewhere between funny and hilarious by most working police, as well as most police radio and nine-one-one dispatchers. If you listen closely you will hear the dispatcher tapping into the computer screen report form what little information he is able to obtain from the 9-1-1 caller. Towards the end, you may hear some of the police station personnel in the background trying to keep from laughing too loudly. One of them is the officer who gave this copy to me.

Enjoy! Regards, OldBear

Click to download and play Who Gets The Deer? (3.2 Megabytes, Windows Media Format)